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about Chris Garrow

Chris_Garrow_Solo_ProfileAn experienced wedding professional and a staple in the DJ industry, Chris Garrow combines a detail-oriented work ethic with an electric personality that is unparalleled. The owner and founder of Unforgettable DJ’s, Chris is a complete emcee, having both the refined technical skills for his craft as well as strong ability to make relationships, not only with other wedding professionals, but more importantly with his clients.

As a child, Chris often moved around due to family dynamics, requiring him to adapt to many different environments, cultures, and geographical locations. He grew up meeting new people and making new friends, resulting in an outgoing and comfortable personality that flourishes in front of a crowd. This developed sense of communication acquired throughout his life allows Chris to relate to brides and grooms on a personal level. As a result, he is able to provide a service that transcends the typical expectations of a DJ. With a more complete understanding of the vision his couples have for their special day, Chris is able to focus on the musical aspect of his job and help bring their dream to life.

Chris has been in the wedding industry since 1994, but his background in music dates back even further. At the age of 10, Chris was introduced to the performing arts when he began playing the saxophone. His interest in music was evident at this early age, and he channeled this passion and pursued music as a career. His intense studies of the performing arts provided him with a broad understanding of how music affects people and their moods, giving him an edge in his industry. The natural musical talent Chris possesses, as well as his vast knowledge of genres and artists, results in an unmatched and unique night of dancing and memories that will not soon be forgotten.

Chris Garrow and Unforgettable DJ’s have been at the forefront of the technological revolution in the DJ industry. Chris is always looking to bring a new level of intimacy to his brides and grooms, whether it is Plasma Screen televisions showing photographs of the couple, beautifully lit facades accenting the room, or intelligent lighting dancing across the ballroom. The new wave of technology combined with the traditional talents Chris possesses creates a wedding experience unlike any other. By being available to new suggestions and ideas, Chris is constantly evolving as a DJ, always wanting to know what else he can do. Going the extra mile is why Chris became a DJ, and it is the reason he has been so successful in the wedding industry. 


This Is Unforgettable

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 4.11.13 PM

Our team of professionals takes great pride in the work we do. Since our doors opened in 2002, we have strived to provide an exciting and unique experience for every couple that selects us to provide the entertainment for their special day. In this modern world of technology, entertainment comes in many forms. On a daily basis, people are stimulated not only by what they hear (music) but also by what they see (lights and video). It is our belief...

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Dana & Danielle | 06.22.14 | Unforgettable DJs | Chris Garrow | Shadowbrook | NJ Wedding

Dana and Danielle came to Unforgettable DJs looking for someone special to help them put together a celebration to be remembered for a lifetime.  Chris Garrow was the perfect fit.  His down to earth personality and 18 years experience, along with the classic setting of the beautiful setting of The Shadowbrook, was able to create a unique setting that emphasized Dana and Danielle both as individuals and as a couple.  Emotions were all over the place… tears, smiles, laughter, joy,...

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Lauren & Brian | August 9, 2014 | Sandy Hook Chapel | Unforgettable DJs | Chris Garrow

Lauren and Brian put together an amazing wedding day at the Sandy Hook Chapel.  With a beachside ceremony, a tented cocktail hour, and a most unique facility for the reception, they knew they were treating their guests to something special.  The venue, however, is simply a chapel sitting on an open plot of land.  There is no seating, no tent, no tables… just a chapel.   Lauren and Brian knew they had a lot of work ahead of them.  When...

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Nikole & Greg || South Gate Manor || NJ Wedding || Unforgettable DJ’s

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 5.41.52 PM

Nikole and Greg planned a spectacular celebration at the South Gate Manor in Freehold New Jersey. Nikole and Greg were very in tune with their vision, meticulously planning their special day. The choice to work with Chris Garrow from Unforgettable DJ’s was made based on Chris’s reputation for taking the extra time needed for his couples’ to ensure a flawless execution of their perfect day. Nikole and Greg made sure their guests were never at a loss for entertainment by...

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Jennifer and Josh | Bonnet Island | NJ Wedding | Unforgettable DJs

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 12.14.37 PM

Jennifer and Josh had a most perfect day for their wedding day at Bonnet Island in Long Beach Island (LBI), New Jersey. The weather was perfect for the outdoor ceremony and the cocktail hour on the veranda. An incredible celebration followed as you can see. Sorry this is a bit lengthy, it was just too hard to cut some of what we captured from this event.

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Unforgettable DJ’s | Get To Know Us!


Our passionate team is made up of dedicated individuals that are committed to helping our clients have the best day of their lives. We understand that every wedding is different and it is our goal to make each wedding unique and special. When you choose Unforgettable DJ’s, you are choosing much more than just a DJ. You are hiring professionals who care about you and your most important celebration! Along with our honed DJ’ing skills, we provide ceremony and reception...

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Joey and Kristie | McLoone’s Pier House | Unforgettable DJ’s | NJ Wedding DJ | Chris Garrow

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 5.46.10 PM

This wedding was an incredible event that took place on September 23, 2011 at the unique ocean front McLoone’s venue, The Pier House. Joey also owns his own successful entertainment and production company called This is It Entertainment. When considering who he would hire for his own wedding DJ, Joey called upon his long time friend, Chris Garrow, owner of Unforgettable DJ’s. Together with Kristie and Joey and with the help of the team at This Is It Entertainment, Chris...

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Rebecca and Greg | NJ Wedding DJ | The Boathouse | LBI Wedding | Unforgettbale DJs

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 12.25.39 PM 2

Becky and Greg had a unique wedding reception at a unique venue on the water in LBI, New Jersey… The Boathouse. A fantastic reggae band (No Discipline) warmed everyone up on this chilling fall day and Unforgettable DJ’s continued the celebration. With a good balance of music that spanned the times, Becky and Greg’s guests danced the night away. Thank you Rebecca and Greg for choosing to have Unforgettable DJ’s provide the music on your special day!

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Danielle and Chris | The Palace at Somerset Park | NJ Wedding DJ | Unforgettable DJs

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 12.40.33 PM

Danielle and Chris came to Unforgettable DJ’s after Chris Garrow had provided services for two other couples close to them. The setting was magnificent, as the Palace at Somerset Park is a premier venue in NJ. Unforgettable DJ’s provided music for the cocktail hour and reception, putting together a mix of music to please all ages. Chris’s family loves Bruce Springsteen so we incorporated quite a bit of his music. Also, Chris likes the old school hip hop and rap...

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Rachel and Alex | Eagle Ridge Golf Club | NJ Wedding DJs | Unforgettable DJs

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 11.52.03 AM

Rachel and Alex were referred to Unforgettable D.J.’s by the Eagle Ridge Golf Club, and they reserved our services 20 months before their big day! After our initial consultation, there was no doubt that this reception was going to be a blast. Rachel and Alex are full of life and barely left the dance floor the entire night. With a mix of oldies, motown, rock, pop, and a few audience participation songs sprinkle in, this reception had all the guests...

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Courtney and Kevin | NJ Wedding DJ | Unforgettable DJ’s | The Mill

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 11.59.02 AM

This wedding is a good example to demonstrate our versatility with interaction and emceeing.  Courtney and Kevin win the nice couple award… it was such a pleasure helping with their wedding reception. From our first consultation, through the planning stages, and on their big day, Courtney and Kevin were awesome. Uplighting, Photo Booth, Intelligent lighting, and our reputable personalized entertainment were some of the services provided by Unforgettable DJ’s.   Thank you Courtney and Kevin for allowing us to be a...

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Bill and Stephanie | Eagle Ridge Golf Club

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 12.10.11 PM

Unforgettable D.J.’s was honored to provide DJ services to Stephanie and Bill Nunn for their October 23, 2010 wedding reception. As you can see everyone had a blast. It was such a pleasure working with Stephanie and Bill throughout the planning stages and on their special day.

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Beach Ball Blitz – Beach Ceremony Ideas


Getting married on the beach is often enough to provide your guests with something to talk about.  The sounds of the ocean crashing, the feel of sand underneath one’s feet, and the blue sky meeting the seemingly infinite body of  water at the horizon are just a few of natures complimentary features that will add to the beach theme of a ceremony.   Being a Private Event Host near the Jersey Shore has provided me with the experience of working together...

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A Moment of You – Private First Dance


There’s no time to rest during a wedding. Between the pictures, the guests, the dinner, the cake, the speeches, the gifts, the bouquet, the hello’s, and the goodbye’s, every minute is planned out perfectly. With even the smallest details accounted for months beforehand, sometimes a wedding feels rehearsed, with no spontaneity. Obviously there needs to be structure to a wedding, a firm schedule that guides you effortlessly through your night. The problem isn’t the schedule; the problem is what the...

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Accompany Your Irish Dream Wedding

traditional Claddagh ring isolated

If you are having your wedding around the middle of March, you are likely aware of that special day for the Irish that occurs on the 17th, St Patrick’s Day. Actually, if you are reading this, you may have chosen your wedding date around St Patrick’s Day because you have a little Irish in ya’. Regardless of why your wedding is near the holiday, you may want to consider incorporating a little Irish music to make those guests that are...

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Valentine’s Day Sing-a-long


I thought it might be nice to share an old idea that would be very complimentary to a reception being held during the week in which Valentine’s Day falls. This ‘activity’ could be incorporated in any reception, but it seems very appropriate for this time of year. You might be familiar with the old tradition of tapping your glass with a utensil at your place setting in order to persuade the bride and groom to publicly proclaim their affection with...

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Should You Choose a Popular Wedding Song?


To some, the choice of wedding songs is easy. Many feel it isn’t important. There are couples who believe the song they choose for their first dance together as husband and wife is one of the most important musical decisions for the day. There are many aspects of this dance that a couple can consider, but one of the most common discussions I hear is about the popularity of the prospective songs. My advice is to choose a song not...

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The First and Last Dance – Message to the Groom


When asked to write a post pertaining to our lucky grooms, I pondered for a long time about what to write. When it comes to the entertainment or music, I am fortunate to be in contact with the groom nearly as much as the bride. It seems as though grooms know their place is not picking out colors, dresses, flowers, etc. They understand that if there is one area of the wedding planning for which they want and can be...

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4th of July Weddings: The Music


So you’ve decided to have your wedding on the big holiday weekend… you might feel uneasy about whether to tie in the “theme” for your celebration or how far should you go with incorporating the idea of America’s independence. Assuming you want to, I’d like to share how the music can be an effective way to incorporate the theme. I realize the idea of a holiday wedding is debatable, so let’s discuss that in the future… for now, it is...

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Cocktail Reception, The Missing Elements


Not long ago, I wrote a post that depicted the normal flow and timeline for a NJ style wedding reception. I promised discussion about some other styles, the first being the cocktail reception. Although I am not 100% certain, I believe the cocktail reception is a format more common to the south and southeastern parts of the US. Each year, couples are trying to tie in elements of a cocktail reception, which is fantastic. With the change in traditions, though,...

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New Jersey Style Weddings?


  This introduction to the general progression of a New Jersey wedding was written for WeddingAces.com. Many years ago when I was considering a relocation to Atlanta, it came to my attention that there are many different “styles” of weddings, all of which are common to the region in which they are held.  When visiting Atlanta, I picked up several bridal magazines. One had an article entitled (excuse me for summarizing) “New Jersey Style Weddings?” I, of coarse, found this...

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Daddy’s Little Girl


For the bride who will be sharing in a spotlight dance with her father, choosing the right song and appropriate time can cause a lot of stress. Let’s tackle the latter decision even though each consideration is relative to the other. As mentioned in a previous post, the NJ style wedding gives the slot immediately following a couple’s first dance, to the bride and her father. The truth is, dancing with Dad then will likely hold the attention of your...

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Mother/Son Song Choices, My Professional Collection


Over the years, I have made a collection of songs that were used or recommended for a groom’s dance with his mother. I am sure there are more. I know some of these might seem a little unusual or even comedic. Surely, there will be some ideas here that you didn’t think of, and some that you have heard many times used as a mother/son song. I hope, if nothing else, it will provide a start to you search for...

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Brides, Go Ahead & Dance with Mom


If you are close with your mom and don’t see anything inappropriate about dancing with her, then just do it! There are very few opportunities to publicly thank your Mom for bring a special person in your life, and there certainly won’t be many wedding days on which to do so. Forget about what others might think… if you want to have a dance with mom, I think you should. Here are just a couple of things to keep in...

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Planning The Music, Steps to Take


So you have booked your entertainment. Now you have 12 months or more to communicate your musical preferences to the Band or DJ. To many, it seems like an overwhelming task, but when broken down into just a few steps, it will not only be more manageable but more fun! So where should you begin? 1) Use a music list. A good, generic music list is a great way to start. Most entertainment companies can or will supply you with...

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Ballroom Dancing


This post was inspired by a recent wedding I did where there were several couples and individuals who had more than average ballroom dance experience. You might be surprised that in my 16 years of doing this, I say it is rather rare to have couples “showing off” what they’ve learned in private lessons. I guess it is not totally fair to describe it that way… for many, it is the perfect opportunity for which they have been practicing… a...

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Who Said Showers Aren’t Fun?


This week on Wedding Aces, we write about showers… April showers that bring May… weddings! I have discovered a great deal about wedding showers through the magnificent search power of Google. It wasn’t until I turned to YouTube that I discovered these “how-to” videos presented by Expert Village. There is one expert who provides some fantastic ideas for wedding showers and I thought I would share my discovery with you. Click the video below to go to the YouTube site...

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For the Music Lover’s Shower


I can’t say that I have a lot of experience in the bridal shower realm, but one can’t deny that April showers are followed by May Weddings! As a seasoned professional in the entertainment business, I followed my instincts when thinking about this week’s special topic on Wedding Aces… bridal showers. My instincts took me directly to the ultimate information portal… Google! You could surely get this info by researching yourself, but perhaps my refined search for musical activities can...

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Thursday Night Weddings


With today’s economy affecting so many lives, couples are searching for ways to save money and still have the wedding of their dreams. While cutting back and excluding items is one way to have your Friday or Saturday night wedding at a modest price, choosing a less popular day of the week is another option that is becoming more acceptable. In the past, Sundays were the day some chose in order to take advantage of discounts many professionals and vendors...

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In Lieu of Bouquet and Garter Ceremony


The traditional bouquet and garter ceremony was once a staple of mini wedding events at a reception. As with anything done repeatedly and especially with something that has the potential to be somewhat embarrassing to the people involved, this ceremony has become an activity that many guests don’t look forward to. The unfortunate aspect of this realization is that it’s only half of the ceremony that people seem to dislike… the garter ceremony. It seems as though couples would rather...

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It’s Electric! Should You Incorporate Group Dances?


Sorry for the goofy title. I couldn’t resist! Being in the business of entertainment coordination, I have visited the topic of audience participation thousands of times. I have done the Y.M.C.A. probably somewhere between 800-1000 times, second only to the electric slide. How many people do you know can honestly say that!? Let the truth be told, no matter how much fun it looks like I am having each time I do a conga line, these audience participation songs are...

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Choosing The Perfect Parent’s Dance Song


Here is one area for which my 15 years DJing weddings qualifies me to boast being a true professional and an expert. One of my favorite parts of my job is sitting with the bride and groom before their wedding day to offer my advice and expertise on choosing the special songs for the day. A bride’s dance with her father and a groom’s dance with his mother is for many people a very important part of their day, a...

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Unforgettable DJs

Barbara & Frank | 11.21.15

ufdj-review-5.0Chris Garrow and his team at Unforgettable DJs were without a doubt the best DJs I have ever had the pleasure of working with for a big event. Chris’s meticulous attention to details, professional pre-event planning and overall care and concern for our wishes for the evening helped make this one of the best gatherings I have ever had the privilege of hosting. This was a second wedding for both of us and we wanted to ensure all our guests enjoyed the music, from the youngest to the oldest. Chris didn’t just meet this expectation he exceeded it. We tried to walk around to tables to greet our guests in smaller groups and we had a difficult time because they were on the dance floor the entire night. In fact, the floor was packed from the first dance to the last. One of the best testaments to this came from a guest who said “I danced so much that night that I physically just couldn’t dance anymore.” Moreover, we have had numerous calls from guests who said “your DJ was awesome!” I guess Chris’s secret sauce is that he knows his audience, takes their cues, tastefully engages them and creates an unbelievably fun environment. ON a scale from 1-10, Chris and his team are definitely an 11+.

Unforgettable DJs

Brenda & Dan | 05.07.16

ufdj-review-5.0Unforgettable DJs are exactly as the name implies. My wife and I first got acquainted with Chris when he hosted her cousin's wedding in February of 2014. We got engaged in December of that year, and once wedding planning began we knew that we wanted to make UFDJs one of our first stops. When we sat down with Chris the first time we saw how passionate he was about music, entertaining, and providing a memorable experience to his clients and their guests. We hired him and continued to stay in contact with him as the wedding got closer and closer.

Several things about Chris made him stand out to us.

The first is as I mentioned in the last paragraph, his passion. It was displayed time and again when meeting with him as he made sure that we were all on the same page with our planning.

Second is his communication. He was constantly in touch with us throughout the process and would go out of his way to make himself available at virtually any time if we had questions or concerns.

Perhaps the most significant thing we took away from our meetings with Chris is how hard he works to make sure that his client's events are truly their own. He made every aspect of the night as customizable for us as possible. Better yet, he offered us as much control as we desired in each aspect of planning our night.

When we sat down for our final planning meeting, it was time to come up with a blue print for the day. This is where customizability came into play. Chris walked us through each step of the night, and again allowed us as much or as little input in each as we would like. If at any point we were out of ideas or needed advice, he would help us fill in the blanks. His advice and suggestions for songs and other things fit our style and preferences very well, proving just how closely he paid attention to our needs and desires during previous meetings.

Our wedding day was phenomenal. Everything went extremely well and without any hiccups. Chris did an excellent job setting the tone for the night as well as reading the situation and adapting on the fly to how things were going. The music choice was awesome and the dance floor stayed packed from beginning to end. Two months later I am still getting compliments from friends and relatives about how much fun my wedding was! Thank you Chris and Unforgettable DJs for making the happiest day of our lives as amazing as it could possibly be!

Unforgettable DJs

Catherine & Keith | 04.29.16

ufdj-review-5.0We absolutely loved Chris and Unforgettable DJs! I stumbled across their page while googling for DJs in the area, and their site won me over at the start. We had Chris as our DJ for our wedding and from our first meeting with him, I left so happy and relieved knowing that he got us and our taste in music and wouldn't be trying to inject himself into the night (I've been to many weddings where the DJ can be really overwhelming and make it all about them). I got compliments all night from my guests and asking where I had found him. He read the crowd perfectly and I think I dropped about 5 pounds from dancing all night. I'm kinda sad my wedding is over- I already miss Chris and our therapy sessions! By the week of the wedding, I'd forgotten he was a DJ and not an old friend doing me a favor.

Unforgettable DJs

Christina & Brian | 08.29.15

ufdj-review-5.0From our first meeting with Chris, we knew we were going to be receiving a truly personal experience. Chris asked us exactly what we were looking for in our wedding, and he surely delivered! Our creativity session was very in depth and very detailed, but he made sure we knew what exactly was going to happen and when it was happening. We were both able to express our musical tastes with keeping it catered to our guests. Chris was very good keeping in touch with me and responding to all of my questions as the big day got closer. Once wedding day approached, it flew by so fast for us. Our main goal was to get everyone up and have a good time dancing, and Chris made sure that happened! We have received many compliments from our guests at how great the DJ was! We would highly recommend Unforgettable DJ's to anyone! What a great experience!

Unforgettable DJs

Dina & Sam | 04.10.16

ufdj-review-5.0Our friends recommended Unforgettable D.J.’s for our wedding. The first time we spoke over the phone with Chris Garrow was a sign - we should choose his company for our event. We never regretted our choice. We decided not to have a wedding planner but Chris made up for that. He not only served as MC and entertainment, but he also made many thoughtful suggestions and spoke to the venue on some matters on our behalf. Chris asked us questions we never thought about ourselves. His attention to detail included a phone call the week of the wedding to review the prononciation of the names of our bridal party «some of them were pretty difficult». The music was good, the lighting was beautiful and overall atmosphere was great. We were very confident with him and his staff. Our guests had a great time! When we decided to extend the event for an hour it was not an issue. Thank you Chris and the whole team of Unforgettable D.J.’s! Great value for the service. Let’s get the party started :)

Unforgettable DJs

Emily & Chris | 11.05.16

ufdj-review-5.0Chris and the team at Unforgettable DJs are undeniably the best choice for your wedding. We met with a few other vendors and they all pushed their online meetings for planning. We wanted a more hands on and in person vendor and we found that with Chris. He met with us multiple times in person and greatly helped us plan the flow of our reception and make music choices. This was the exact type of service that we were looking for and we definitely received superb service and attention. He made this part of the wedding planning really easy. Our family and guests had a blast on the dance floor and the proof was hearing from my cousin that, "I've never seen all the aunts dancing like this before!"

Unforgettable DJs

Erin & John | 09.11.15

ufdj-review-5.0This company is worth every penny we spent. We asked for a very odd collection of music and Chris Garrow went above and beyond to make it work. He spent time listening to our requests and found all the right times to play what we wanted. His interactions with us and our guests made the night feel like a fantastic family party while still being an elegant event. They also provided the up-lights which transformed our venue (the breakers on the ocean). The room was exactly what I had envisioned but better. Our ceremony on the beach was enhanced with music and a mic for our pastor and our vows all through one speaker. Our family on the boardwalk could hear everything. A simple review does not do them justice. Don't be frightened by the price. Chris worked with us and made everything work. We will definitely be looking for other events to hire Unforgettable DJs! wEJ_1882

Unforgettable DJs

Erin & Paul | 6.2.17

ufdj-review-5.0Amazing night !image1 We "interviewed" two DJs for our wedding reception. We first spoke with Chris and were very happy but decided we should just see what else is out there to make sure we were picking the right DJ. Within the first three minutes of speaking to option two we knew Chris from Unforgettable DJs was our choice and knew the other company couldn't top Chris. We planned our June 2017 Long Branch New Jersey wedding from our home in Sydney Australia. Chris was extremely easy to work with through email since most of our planning had to be done through email due to time zone constraints. But Chris went above and beyond even taking a call in the middle of the night to speak with us during our daytime hours - wow! Chris was very professional and timely in all his responses to us. We wanted a non traditional entrance and Chris worked with us to create the perfect non traditional entrance and introductions. We are so thankful for his creativity. He created the perfect wedding timeline to make sure introductions, speeches, spot light dances, cake cutting etc happened at the right times and to maximize time on the dance floor. We gave Chris a general idea of the songs and artists we like and he played a great selection and mix of music throughout the night. We received so many compliments from our guests that our wedding was so much fun and this is in part due to Chris - thank you!!!! Our only request and wish was that we wished the night could have gone on longer - we were having so much fun and we didn't want the night to end. Thank you again Chris for creating such an energetic atmosphere to entertain us and our guests - we had the best time! We highly recommend Chris and Unforgettable DJs!  

Unforgettable DJs

Jennifer & Rob | 10.22.16

ufdj-review-5.0Let me start off by saying that this is the first time I've written a review… ever… for anything. I needed to write this because picking Chris and Unforgettable DJs was the best decision that my wife and I made during our entire wedding planning process. We used Unforgettable DJs both for entertainment and for lighting -- both of which they absolutely knocked out of the park. When we signed up with Chris, we didn’t truly understand how much of an impact our decision would make on the outcome of our big day. Chris and his team spent the time to have “creative sessions” to get to know our relationship, our interests, our music preferences, our family and our overall vision. They then designed a tailored end-to-end flow for the evening and worked with us on planning all each of the big moments. Looking back on our experience with Unforgettable DJs, we got FAR more than a DJ, we a conductor for our evening who kept the excitement and energy of our wedding day going until the last song. As for the day itself, the dance floor was so packed throughout the evening that people were dancing on the carpet (and it was not a small dance floor). The bridal party entrances were electric. The lighting was perfect. It was truly the best night of our lives and made possible by the talent and hard work of Chris and his team. You may be able to find less expensive wedding DJs, but going with Unforgettable DJs was the best money that we could have ever spent. Hats off to the Chris and his team for a night and experience that we’ll never forget.

Unforgettable DJs

Kara & Sean | 05.14.16

ufdj-review-5.0We knew we had chosen the right entertainment team when we met with Chris Garrow for a creativity session. We immediately were in sync with each other and the meeting was not only very productive, but we also had a great time discussing all our favorite music. At the ceremony, Chris played the role of the host for our wild beach blowout and not only kept the party pace high with a great song selection, he also had a great feel for the entirety of the reception and played appropriate songs at the right time. Not a single person was sitting (besides to take dance breaks), and we give all the credit to Chris and his team. They were a large part of why our wedding was such a success and we would recommend these guys to all who wish to have the night of their lives. Thank you guys again!

Unforgettable DJs

Karen & Jonce | 10.14.16

ufdj-review-5.0Chris Garrow and his crew DJ'd our wedding on Friday, October 14th at The Stateroom in LBI. As a music lover and experienced wedding guests, we knew we needed a DJ that understood what kind of musical feel we wanted for our wedding. When we met with Chris Garrow, our meeting went so long because we were chatting about music, how Jonce and I met, and the many weddings we have been to. He is one of the nicest guys we know! Jonce is Macedonian and we needed to incorporate his cultural music into the evening. We sent Chris the music and he did an amazing job mixing it in with the dance songs. He got everyone up and dancing, even the non-Macedonians got up to dance!!! Chris played everything we wanted to hear and kept the whole evening flowing effortlessly! The lighting made the room look even more beautiful than it already is. The whole crew was amazing and we could not be happier with having them make our wedding day PERFECT!! Thank you so much!!!!

Unforgettable DJs

Kate & Ray | 10.16.16

ufdj-review-5.0Unforgettable DJs is by the far the best wedding entertainment company in New Jersey. I first met their staff at a bridal show in early 2016. Elayna was extremely friendly and professional. I never felt pressured or 'talked at' like so many other entertainment companies. I always felt like the only bride they were working with as their email and phone response time was prompt and informative. My husband and I were lucky enough to work with Chris Garrow as host for our wedding and Danny as our DJ. At every turn Chris wanted to bring out our personalities through the music selections and lighting (he created a color just for us). When it came time for our creativity session, I must admit I was a little overwhelmed with the thought of having to chose all the music for our special day, but Chris made the whole process manageable and fun, keeping our taste in music present throughout. I ended up providing Chris with a very long list of music and through his expertise and music genius he played all the right music at the perfect time throughout the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Our guests were on the dance floor all night long as were we - the bride and groom. We are so grateful to Chris and his team for all their hard work, dedication, and attention to detail. It is because of Unforgettable DJs that our wedding night was the best night of our lives. Thank you Chris, Danny, and Elayna!


Unforgettable DJs

Kristin & Andrew | 10.02.16

ufdj-review-5.0We recently had our wedding at Windows on the Water in Sea Bright, NJ and Chris along with the Unforgettable DJs crew made our night unforgettable! From the very beginning of the planning process Chris was more than helpful with every little detail of our night. He really took the time to get to know us as a couple and made sure we were happy with every aspect of the night. He also did an amazing job reading our crowd and playing an amazing mix of songs to keep the party going all night! I don't think anyone stopped dancing for more than 5 minutes at a time, and our guests are still complementing the great music and dancing! We're both so happy that Unforgettable DJs was a part of our night, it definitely would not have been the same without you guys!! -Kristin & Andrew

Unforgettable DJs

Kristina & Michael | 06.11.16

ufdj-review-5.0Chris and Unforgettable DJ's were phenomenal at our wedding. We got married earlier this year, in June, and while this review is a few months overdue I haven't forgotten the amount of effort Chris and his team put into making our wedding day perfect. Working with Chris leading up to our wedding was stress free. He even edited one of my favorite songs so I could dance with my father to it. We also used their photo booth services, which were wonderful! Thank you Chris & team for such a great job!


Photo Courtesy:  Pat Furey | http://www.patfureyphoto.com/

Unforgettable DJs

Meghan & Brian | 07.29.16

ufdj-review-5.0Chris Garrow and his team at UFDJ are such great people to work with for your wedding day. The first time my husband and I met Chris we knew right away that he was going to be perfect to have as the MC of our wedding. We met with Chris twice and what he does is he gets to know the couple he's working with, and he goes over everything- every detail with you from start to finish. My husband and I really enjoyed the "creativity session" where you can start to really envision the wedding and see it come together. I highly recommend Unforgettable DJs to any bride , Chris really knows how to go beyond the extra mile and we were very impressed and pleased with their services.

Unforgettable DJs

Melissa & Nick | 07.09.16

ufdj-review-5.0Married on July 9, 2016.  I know this review is a little bit late, but let me just say that Chris and his team at Unforgettable DJs were amazing to work with.  As the groom, I didn't have much responsibility but one thing I wanted a say in, was the music.  After looking throughout the magazines and web sites, I thought almost every DJ in the area looked like they were straight from Staten Island ready to take over the Jersey Shore.  I was looking for someone who had a more "mature" vibe, yet could still make the party fun for everyone.  We met with Chris and discussed everything from music selection to pricing options.  He was never pushy and always  kept in mind what we wanted. On the day of the wedding, he was just as great.  He greeted many different guests and talked to them about what they wanted to hear and did his best to fulfill requests.  I know it was tough too because we also needed to include some Polish music for my side of the guests.  He kept the party rocking until the very last song.  In fact, I think what upset me the most was when the photographer made us leave the party to take some pics and I missed a few of my favorite songs! After the wedding, we received a bunch of compliments on how much people enjoyed the music.  I would recommend Unforgettable DJs to anyone!


Photo Courtesy: KSS Photography | http://www.kssphotos.com/

Unforgettable DJs

Michael & Chris | 10.23.15

ufdj-review-5.0Unforgettable DJs was truly an unforgettable experience and wowed us from beginning to end for our wedding on October 23, 2015. My fiancé at the time and I researched a voluminous amount of DJs online in the NJ area for our wedding. We are both a firm believer that the DJ is the MOST important part of planning an event because they are the people that are practically running the event, getting everyone on their feet, and truly working hard to mark the night a memorable experience. So it was CRUCIAL for us to find the perfect DJ. We went on numerous consultations with other DJ companies and they were all the same (you sit down with a sales manager who shows you a video and has you flip through a book to pick out your DJ from headshot photos). BUT when we went to meet with CHRIS GARROW at Unforgettable DJs it was truly an eye-opening experience. Not only does he go through every detail of your event, but he asks you very crucial questions about how we met, what music we like, what our family and friends are like – all to understand the vibe of our guests in order to put together the perfect playlist and EXPERIENCE. From that first meeting, it was a done deal, his team was hired. Chris and his team were always responsive, friendly, and never once treated us like “just another client”. They were absolutely incredible to work with and even took care of arranging the logistics and equipment for my friend who was performing music during our ceremony and singing our first dance. Looking back on the day now, LET ME TELL YOU…Chris and his team were OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING and MADE OUR EVENT SPECTACULAR. We had guest after guest telling us how awesome Chris was and how this was the best wedding they have been to, all due to the planning, the music, the MC-ing, and all the work and effort that Chris and his team put into our special day that made it that much more special and memorable. Absolute best DJ and investment you will ever make! jacnjules_graf-drumm_0188

Unforgettable DJs

Michelle & Derrick | 09.27.15

ufdj-review-5.0Chris and Unforgettable DJs were absolutely amazing at our wedding. Chris is so attentive to detail and helped us figure out a lot of the small details we never even thought of. Our 3 hour creative session with him flew by and was very productive. Chris was always available to help us and went above and beyond to help us with our slideshow when there was a little speed bump on the road! He kept our guests on the dance floor all night and our guests really enjoyed him being the dj. Thank you so much Chris!! 12049164_10153233156290765_2615428517530128794_n

Unforgettable DJs

Patti & Megan | 11.08.15

ufdj-review-5.0Chris Garrow of Unforgettable DJs and his team are AMAZING! They did such an outstanding job...from the detailed planning process to putting it all together on the wedding day.  They exceeded any expectations we had. The room looked INCREDIBLE! When they lit it up we were floored! Our glowing table was the icing on the cake. During the wedding, they got the crowd pumped and kept the party going! Intros were AWESOME, high energy, and the huge Tarantella was CRAZY LOL! So much fun we wish we could do it over and over again! We just wanted to say THANK YOU again for EVERYTHING! Chris, you were so friendly and compassionate...as a same sex couple just recovering from a battle with leukemia, it meant the world to us. It was a pleasure meeting you and celebrating our wedding with you and your team. We'd recommend UFD to ANYONE, ANYTIME!  -Patti & Megan11082015_5708

Unforgettable DJs

Paul Bryant: 60th Surprise Party | 02.06.16

ufdj-review-5.0I had initially reached out to several DJ's. Chris was extremely responsive and detailed in his explanation of his services and fees charged. Chris arrived early, was set up and music playing by the time our guests started to arrive. Throughout the event, Chris continued to check with me and see if there was anything I needed and how things were going. I will use Unforgettable DJ's again in the future.



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