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Below are a list of questions we are commonly asked.  You can find the answers to these questions by clicking on the question.   Please contact us with any questions you have about your wedding or special event.  You can submit an inquiry here, send us a message on facebook or call 800.620.5013.

1. Do you have my date available?

Please contact us to inquire about our availability for your date.  You can use our contact form on our website, send us a message on facebook, or use the old fashion method of calling (800.620.5013).  We would be happy to check your date to see if we are available.  If  we are not available, we will gladly refer you to some of our good friends in the industry.

2. What packages do you offer?

We offer many services to our clients.  We are DJ’s, VJ’s and Emcees.  We provide a number of lighting enhancements and photo booths.  We produce custom music edits and photo/video montages.  We have a variety of live music options available. We provide unmatched guidance with putting together the soundtrack for your event.  We provide overall direction and flow for your wedding’s entertainment experience.  We customize our services for every event.  It’s unfair to assume your vision of the most special day of your life will fit into a canned package.  In order to put together a package that suits your needs, we simply need to know more about what your wishes are.  Please contact us so we can assist with putting together a package for you.

3. What are your prices? Do you have a price list?

We understand that when considering services and professionals for your wedding day, you would prefer not to waste your time if their prices are higher than you expected or budgeted.   So it is natural to want to ask a professional “what do you charge?”  Unfortunately, providing a price for your event is not as easy as you might hope.  It would be impossible for a service technician to tell you what the price will be to fix your hot water heater, until he investigates the issue and proposes what it will take to accomplish a successful repair.  In much the same vain, we need to know some of the details about your wedding day and your vision. Our prices encompass many variables such as the date, location, expectations, meetings, correspondence, etc.  We can provide some prices with minimal information (such as the date, location, and times) but more details are needed to lock in a price that is specific to your event.

4. Can you provide music for our ceremony and/or cocktail hour?

Absolutely.  It is rather common that we provide music and a microphone for ceremonies when they are at the same location as the reception (on location).  We offer DJ music and have a network of live musicians that can provide an added touch of elegance to your ceremony.  We can also provide music for the cocktail hour.  Again, we can provide recorded music or we have live music options.

(Off location) If your ceremony is at a location other than where your reception will be, we can provide music and a microphone there as well (even at locations where electricity is unavailable, such as the beach or a park)

5. Do we get to pick our music?

Yes!  As a matter of fact we encourage deep involvement from our clients when planning and preparing the music for your event.   You will have as much or as little control over the music as you wish.   The more choices you provide us with, the more informed our decisions are and the more the entertainment for your event will reflect your taste and personality.

6. Can we meet with our DJ prior to our event?

Definitely.   If you are having a wedding or another event that will require a lot of coordination from our team of professionals, we feel it is essential to meet with your DJ in order for us to perform our duties with the success that people expect.  Customarily, you will have the opportunity to meet your DJ prior to booking during a consultation, followed by a creativity session 4-6 weeks prior to your affair. 

7. What is a creativity session?

This is a meeting that you have with your Emcee prior to the wedding day.  Some wedding professionals call this a ‘review‘ or a ‘final’ .  To us, it is much more than that.  We choose to refer to this meeting with a name that better describes the magic that happens while spending quality time with your Emcee. We’ll walk through your entire event and provide guidance, as needed, for creating a completely customized entertainment experience for you and your guests on the day of your event.   Our clients rave about the sincere interest we take in getting to know them and making their event unique and special.  

The creativity session will last anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 hours, pending the services we are providing and the general pace we move at together.  It is rare that we need multiple creativity sessions, but it is not unheard of.  The need for a follow up creativity session will be decided upon conclusion of the first.  These meetings typically happen 4-6 weeks prior to your event and your emcee will contact you to schedule your creativity session.

You needn’t worry about being too prepared for your creativity session.  As a matter of fact, it is often better if you come without too much decided.  We do recommend that you bring with you any lists of music you may have.

8. Do you offer any discounts?

We do offer some discounts.  We offer some seasonal discounts as well as discounts for events being held at venues where we are amongst their preferred entertainment companies.  We have some special pricing for mid-week events, some afternoons, and Sundays.   All of this is taken into account when creating a price/package for your event.   This is one reason why our approach of quoting prices per event is beneficial to you.

9. Do you provide Photo booths?

Yes! The owner of Unforgettable DJ’s, Chris Garrow, opened a sister company in 2007 called Premier Event Rentals.   All of Unforgettable DJ’s and Premier Event Rentals’ resources are shared, including our studio/office space and staff.  The reason premier event rentals was established, rather than providing photo booths under the name Unforgettable DJ’s, was to eliminate any awkwardness for couples that rent a photo booth but already have arrangements for their entertainment.  So fear not, we run our photo booth division with the same integrity and service as our DJ company… simply with a different name.  We also offer a discount on the photo booth rental if you have Unforgettable DJ’s reserved as your entertainment.  Please visit here to find out more about our photo booths!  You can’t go wrong with a photo booth for your event!

10. What kind of lighting do you provide?

We provide just about any type of lighting enhancement you can think of.  Of course, the most popular of those are uplighting, spot/dance floor lighting and monogram projections.   Lighting doesn’t have to be cheesy or over the top.  Lighting can produce many results, depending on how and where it is done.   During a consultation, we can show you some of the exciting lighting options available to enhance your celebration.

11. I don’t want lights and plasmas, why does everyone keep pushing that on me?

There are many DJ’s who push their enhancements to increase their revenue.  You book lights, they make more money.  However, there are others who encourage you to consider these enhancements because they are aware of their effectiveness and the results of having them at an important celebration.  Lights and TVs are not for everyone.  It’s hard to tell if TVs and/or lights are for you, but don’t rule it out until you’ve given it some serious consideration.   Times have changed,  don’t blame us! :-) Technology around the world has brought visual stimulation to unimaginable prevalence.  Visual entertainment is gaining popularity and becoming nearly as important as it’s partner, the music. 

12. We only need one DJ. Can we have “just a DJ”?

It is possible that some events don’t require more than a DJ to play music, but it is a rare occasion that requires only that.  We don’t normally make this option available for weddings, and typically encourage a two person team for most other events. Having a two person team doesn’t mean you have to have one person dancing around the room while the other stays behind the DJ set up.  It does, however, mean that everything will run a lot smoother and more professionally throughout your event.

13. Do you have an online tool for us to pick our music and plan our event?

Yes, we have a complete resource of online planning tools available to all of our clients.  Once you have made your decision to hire Unforgettable DJ’s to provide the entertainment for your event, you will receive access to this online tool, which allows you to log into your account, pick music, plan different aspect of your day, and update your information.   There is no fee for this service.

14. Can we come see you at a Bridal Show?

We don’t participate in many bridal shows.   We feel the 20 minutes allotted for a bridal show “performance” is insufficient to replicate what we do for clients. What is needed to get a room full of bridal show attendees to be entertained is significantly different than what is needed to develop a consistent, flowing and exciting reception or celebration, with a completely customized entertainment experience.  We do have some videos available online and some available only in our office.  These videos are from actual events much closer in atmosphere to the one your a planning than that of a bridal show.   We would love to show you some of our work, but bridal show performances is just not the type of work we do.

15. Can we come see you while you are working another event like mine?

We try to respect the privacy of our clients, most of which agree they would not appreciate us sending prospective clients to their own events to watch us.  Furthermore, most venues frown upon this activity and don’t appreciate random people wondering around an event where they don’t belong.  It is for this reason that we spend time and money preparing and making available videos from events where we provide the entertainment.   Some of these are available online and some are only available in our office.  Please feel free to peruse some of our online videos and if you would like to set up a consultation to discuss your event and view other videos, please contact us.

Oh and one more thing… you ask if you come see us working another event like yours?  There is no other event that will be like yours!  That is the best part about working with Unforgettable DJ’s!

16. What can we expect during a consultation?

A consultation is a very relaxed meeting between you and one of our entertainment professionals.  You will be able to get a much better feel for the person(s) you are considering to help make your celebration everything you want it to be.  A face to face meeting allows you to get a sense of whether you will be comfortable with our service and confident we can provide what you want/need.  Your consultation will help you better understand the many different aspects of entertainment available to make your wedding special.  This includes services such as photo booth rentals and enhancements such as lighting or multi-media presentations.  All of the technology and services available can be daunting without some discussion and explanation, and you will leave the consultation with a much better understanding of the many options available for entertaining your family and friends.  It is during this meeting where we will learn more about you and your vision for your special day.  If you do decide Unforgettable DJ’s is the right company for you, we will have a head start on the “getting to know you” process. Most importantly,  we will begin to guide you through some of the questions you should be asking yourself and thinking about to start developing a clearer picture of how you want your day to be remembered.  Make no mistake about it… we want your day to be Unforgettable!

17. Do you offer skype or BrideLive meetings?

We are available to have live video conference meetings, meetings in person, and via the telephone.

It is here that we choose to tell you that we feel there is no substitution to meeting your entertainment in person.  We understand that many people lead busy lives and that it might be convenient to have a meeting in the comfort of your own home.  We are also aware that there are many people who plan their events from distances that are not conducive to meeting all their wedding professionals before the wedding.  It is for this reason that we offer video conferencing and phone meetings.  However, you will  discover a lot more about a wedding professional when you meet them face to face, in the environment they have created for their business and for you.  By visiting with the professionals, you will have a much better understanding of who/what you are paying for and you will have a MUCH easier time choosing the service(s) that are right for you.  You wouldn’t want your DJ to show up at your wedding via video conference rather than in person, and we prefer that if possible you show up to our office in person.  Our success, as you may have read about on sites such as Wedding Wire, Martha Stewart Weddings, and The Knot is founded on our sincere interactions and relationships  with our clients.  The first, initial consultation is where we begin that process.  Of course we can do our job without this, but we encourage personal, face to face meetings… where the real magic begins.  


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