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Thursday Night Weddings

With today’s economy affecting so many lives, couples are searching for ways to save money and still have the wedding of their dreams. While cutting back and excluding items is one way to have your Friday or Saturday night wedding at a modest price, choosing a less popular day of the week is another option that is becoming more acceptable. In the past, Sundays were the day some chose in order to take advantage of discounts many professionals and vendors offer in exchange for having your business on a historically slower day. There is a new trend, a new night which is becoming seemingly more acceptable. Thursday Night!

Thursday evening receptions are no less formal than any other. They are no less beautiful. The romance is still in the air. So what is different about a Thursday wedding? Let’s get the obvious out of the way, most of your guests will have to work on Friday. That, however, is not much different than a Sunday night wedding… and Sunday night weddings are very common. Frankly, most people tend to feel they can get through a Friday at work (more so than Monday) after a late or crazy previous night.

Since I mention late, it may behoove you to calculate the timing of a Thursday wedding by first considering until what time it is realistic to expect your guests to stay out. Assume that everyone will have an hour of worth of travel from the reception to home. Once they get home, it is probable that they can be in bed and ready to sleep within a half hour. Let’s assume that many of your guests will need to be awake by 6am. Is it safe to assume that six hours of sleep can get someone through their Friday at work? I think so. That means they will need to be home by 11:30pm and the reception will need to conclude no later than 10:30pm. If you are having a traditional five hour reception (hour cocktail hour and 4 hour reception), it will begin at 5:30pm.

As you can see, the 9 to 5′ers will have trouble making it to your cocktail hour on time, let alone a ceremony preceding it. Even if you presume that many guest will be able to escape from work early, you should still concede to the fact that your ceremony will need to be at the same location as the reception. To some, this idea is a deal breaker for a Thursday evening wedding. Regarding religion, I am not aware of any particular religious beliefs that indicate that Thursday is not an acceptable day to get married. If you know of any, your comments and knowledge would be appreciated. As you may figure, Thursday evening weddings may be particularly appealing to those who plan to elope or get married at the court house.

Finally, we should take a look at the greatest advantage of all… cost! I can’t promise you that every banquet facility, professional or vendor offers discounts on slower days of the week, but I know many do. I use Sundays as a reference point. Regardless of whether they should or not, the wedding “market” indicates that a vendor needs to discount their price for a Sunday afternoon wedding. (I happen to think someone shouldn’t necessarily expect to pay less for the same service because it’s on any other day than Saturday, but competition is on the bride’s side here) If you can expect a discount for a Sunday, you can expect at least the same if not a larger discount for a Thursday evening.

You may see this in a different light than I, and I invite your comments. I think Thursday night weddings have a lot to offer despite the few negative aspects. I have provided services at about ten Thursday receptions, all of which have been successful in my eyes. I encourage couples who are trying to cut corners so they can have their dream wedding on a Saturday night to consider a Thursday night. Get the best of the best, have it all without going bankrupt!


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