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For the Music Lover’s Shower

I can’t say that I have a lot of experience in the bridal shower realm, but one can’t deny that April showers are followed by May Weddings! As a seasoned professional in the entertainment business, I followed my instincts when thinking about this week’s special topic on Wedding Aces… bridal showers. My instincts took me directly to the ultimate information portal… Google! You could surely get this info by researching yourself, but perhaps my refined search for musical activities can save you some time.

Games or activities play a large role at a shower. In addition to the entertainment value, they typically will reflect the personality of the bride.These three ideas are perfect for the bride who loves music!

I take no credit for these ideas. It turns out that About.com has some excellent wedding ideas… the following presented by the Weddings Guide on About.com, Nina Callaway.

In the style of The Newlywed Show, testing the bride’s knowledge of the groom’s likes and dislikes is always interesting and entertaining for all. Try asking the groom for a list of his top 10 favorite musical artists/groups. On a poster board, list the artists in order of his preference. As the bride, under the scrutiny of her friends and family, says an artist someone can reveal the artist, showing how accurate she is. On a second board, write down the artists she gives that the groom did not mention… he’ll probably get a kick out of these once the day is over!

Another game Nina describes is one where a prize is in order for the winner. As many shower games are meant to do, this one will require guests to mingle a bit and it will test their people reading skills. Before the party, ask each guest what the first album they ever bought was. For the shower, list the guests on a sheet of paper along with a list of all the albums. Have the guests try to match everyone with the correct album. The first one to finish wins a prize and the one with the most correct wins one too!

Finally, for the music lover… and the uninhibited… there is karaoke. Why not? It needn’t be a karaoke party, but it could be something that you do for an hour or so near the end. You can rent karaoke machines and song libraries from local sources or from nationwide services. My favorite is All American Karaoke. Be careful though, this could have the guests talking for weeks about how much fun they had at the shower… the men will start to wonder!


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