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Ballroom Dancing

This post was inspired by a recent wedding I did where there were several couples and individuals who had more than average ballroom dance experience. You might be surprised that in my 16 years of doing this, I say it is rather rare to have couples “showing off” what they’ve learned in private lessons. I guess it is not totally fair to describe it that way… for many, it is the perfect opportunity for which they have been practicing… a nice dance floor, professional sound system, formal affair… the only thing missing is ‘The Stars’! ;-) As rare and infrequent as it is, I do have some thoughts about ballroom dance at a wedding.

There has been a pretty steady trend of choreographing the first dance, which has it’s pros and cons. A choreographed first dance tends to seem rather rehearsed and even somewhat unemotional. However, if you pull it off well it is sure to excite and even impress your guests. My suggestion for doing this is to start now, and practice a lot. Hopefully on the day of the wedding it will be almost second nature and you can not only perform but also get wrapped up in the sentiment of your first dance together as husband and wife.

I think for an engaged couple, ballroom dance lessons is something that should be considered forseveral reasons. First, having a professional show you a few tricks will make you feel more confident no matter who you are. Even more importantly, taking ballroom dance lessons gives you something intimate and relaxing to do while enjoying time together.

On the wedding day, you shouldn’t fear sprinkling some ballroom songs throughout the reception. There are a ton of songs that people love which are not only chart topping pop songs, but also perfect for ballroom dance. For example, Marc Anthony’s “I Need to Know” is one of my favorite cha-cha’s. ”Spanish Eyes” by Al Martino… excellent Rhumba! Just keep in mind that it’s likely that only a small percentage of your guests will know how to do these specialty dances and you don’t want to alienate the guests who are intimidated by ballroom dance.

If you love ballroom dance and want to do something unique to incorporate it into your celebration, consider hiring a Ballroom instructor to teach a 20 minute group lesson. I once saw a husband and wife team perform a salsa at a wedding and then teach the guests their spicy moves. The guests loved it! Happy Dancing!


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